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Fun & Creativity

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Students are given the opportunity to discover and explore their senses by expressing themselves through arts & crafts. Students are able to participate in curriculum theme based classroom projects!

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Praise & Worship

With two Music & Movements embedded in every teachers lesson plan, children are given a chance to use an array of instruments to praise, worship and get their wiggles out!

Fine Motor Development

Each day at TCA, children are open to explore the classroom Writing Center. In our Writing Centers, children are able to acquire the basic handwriting skills through name tracing, drawing & so much more!

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Cognitive Development
"Stop, now let's think about it..."

Our top priority is teaching children how to THINK. We seek to produce problem solvers here at TCA. Every child receives a favorable combination of circumstances to develop thinking skills through how & why questions.

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Through our modified Early Childhood Common Core mathematical skills, children are taught basic addition and subtraction. Our teachers implement these skills through counting animals, sorting, food experiments such as counting M&Ms and so much more!

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Outdoor Investigations

We're getting out of the four walls of the Academy! Our teaching continues as we allow students to explore nature and science experiments outdoors. Children are also able to use this as a time to strengthen their gross motor skills

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